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About Florida Home Theaters Plus

Anyone out there truly love their job, or profession? Well I do, this may sound a bit strange, I got my first Stereo system when I was 7 yrs old from my very pleasing parents. Started to collect records or Vinyl I should say then & now; have more than 700 mint condition records, original Hendrix, Beatles, all of Pink Floyd, Yes,& Crosby Stills Nash&sometimes Young,all the first&original Elton John,also Jimmy Buffets first albums,I will stop boring all.When anyone has a well engineered Audio system, they use it more, enjoy it more, show it off to all their friends to listen too. After I got out of the military also played bass in a VA. Beach Band,found out there was a lot more involved to it. So when I realized I would not be on MTV.

I started to work in a Hi-Fi store in New England, circa the 80s, that is when I first heard a Compact Disc player, Sony & Yamaha. A few years later something new in speakers arrived, the Bose AM5 system, along with Polk Audio & Infinity. Dolby surround sound is introduced and THX from George Lucas, Pioneer laser disc players to 3-D blueray players, when does it stop? You walk into a television store and see over 100 HDTV panels, What should I look at? It's an ever evolving electronics business and it's very confusing.

Our knowledge is constantly updated and we continually enhance our skills and abilities every day, every month, every year, whether it's going to all C.E.D.I.A. training and classroom lectures.  In addition to our C.E.D.I.A. Certifications, we are also certified and trained for the following companies: Denon CI, Yamaha, Marantz, Sony ES, MIT, Creek Audio, Elan G Automation, Bitwise Control, apple, Nuvo Technologies, Earthquake, James Loudspeakers, Epson Cinema, Mitsubishi, DPI Projectors, VUTec, Screen Innovations, IC Realtime, Honeywell, Lutron Radio RA II, Velodyne, Bass Management Certified, and URC Remote Controls.

Our company is Merchant Verified which means that all of the equipment and electronics that we sell have a Manufacturer’s warranty in addition to FloridaHomeTheatersPlus’s warranty on workmanship and labor.

The moral of the story is any time I get the opportunity to help someone with their audio/video system, existing or new, will always make it look and sound much better.  We will design and engineer it to specific needs for you and your family is a true pleasure, especially the look of awe on someone's face when everything is said and finished. I Promise. I would never be happier doing anything else, other then sitting on Negril beach with a Red Stripe.

Regards kids, Remember HiFi

Brian www.FloridaHomeTheatersPlus.com

27 years experience Local since 1990 Coral Springs, Parkland, Boca Raton

State Certified and Licensed for Electrical and Low-Voltage wiring